Auto Keys


Transponder Keys for High Security 

High security auto keys 
including smart keys, pass keys 
and transponder keys 
are available to the public 
for a fraction of dealership cost.

What is a Transponder Key?

Transmitter + Responder = Transponder

Transponder keys were created as a security device to protect your vehicle from vehicle theft.  
When the transmitter and receiver do not match, the vehicle is now disabled from being started thus giving the owner and extra feeling of security and added protection. 


Do you have a spare key...?

Things you should know:

1. If you loose your transponder key, it can cost you $700-$1,200 to replace it.

2. Your key must be properly cut and programmed or it will damage your car's computer system. 

3. Our prices are between $50 - $600 based on the manufacture and yes, that amount is well below a dealership cost.

Autos we service

General Motors



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... the list goes on...

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