Ask for Help

We receive calls everyday from people looking for a price for a job they want us to complete. Whether its rekeying locks in an entire house or just a front door. Maybe install deadbolts on closets for a house that they may be renting for the summer season.
We do our best to quote what that will exactly cost. We are up front, honest and take tremendous pride in our ethics. Sometimes a customer would like to call around to get different pricing. We may not be the cheapest in the area, but we are the best. No one treats their customers as well as we do.

That's why when a customer says they will call around, we will make them aware of what to look out for when calling other companies. Our experience is, there are only a few reputable companies serving the area. We know them all. We also know of the companies we call "Scammer Locksmiths".

These companies will quote you a lower price, not commit to exact pricing and often do a bait and switch when they arrive. They arrive in unmarked vans and even in cars working out of their trunk. These are not locksmiths. They are scammers looking to take as much money out of your pocket as they can.

When you call W.T. Bradley & Son Locksmiths, we would love to have your business. But, if you choose to call around, we are here to advise and to make sure that your business goes to someone from the area who does good work.
Protecting our customers and potential customers is very important to us.
So just ask us for help.