We are a Full Service Safe Locksmith Offering Repairs, Services & Sales

Home and Business Safes

We provide a full range of safe locksmith services and we still sell a surprising number of home & business safes. Our main line of quality home & commercial safes are made by the Gardall Safe Corporation. They have a complete line of safes in many different ratings, types & sizes.

Rackliffe lock and safe safes

To see the entire line of Gardall safes, please go directly  to their website:  www.gardall.com

For each category of safes, all models are shown with sizes, weight & list pricing. In most cases, we offer a 10% discount, plus free ground level delivery. Steps, stairs and/or installation is additional.

Please take a look, then give us a call with your questions or to place an order. Delivery is usually within a couple of days, from fresh, warehouse stock.

Safe Opening

bulletWhat do you do when you go to open your safe and you can't?
Well the first thing is to not panic. The second thing you need to do is call your trusted locksmith to come help you! But make sure it's W.T. Bradley and Son Locksmiths. Most locksmiths do not do safes as a regular course of business. We do!! We are experts in opening any and all types of safe, from home safe to ultra high security safes and vaults. To be able to open a safe properly it requires years of training and a pretty substantial investment in tools. However, this allows the customer to save money and time while being able to continue to use their safe to keep their valuables secure.

Safe lock repair and/or replacement

bulletWhat's the most important thing to consider when choosing a safe?

First consider what's going in it. Don't over estimate the space inside a safe. Next do you need fire protection.

Upgrades from mechanical to electronic safe locks

bulletCan I get a safe with electronic lock instead of combo dial?

Yes! We can either retrofit your existing lock or order that upgrade when you buy a new safe.

bulletAre electronic locks safe?

Electronic locks have the same high security as dials. The difference is ease of use of electronic locks.

Annual Service Contracts

bulletDo you offer any service contracts?
Yes! We offer a variety of annual service contracts for both residential and commercial safes. Protecting against malfunction when the safe contents is needed most is what we offer. Call for details.

Combination Changes

bulletI want to change the safe combination on my safe. Do you offer this service?
Yes we do! We can change a known combo or a combination that is not known. We also offer service for lost combos on electronic locks without compromising the container!

Safe Handle and Boltwork Repair

bulletMy handle seems to be very hard to turn lately. What can I do?
Regular maintenance can prevent this from becoming a real problem. Sometimes just some lubrication of bolts is all that is needed. Other times a complete lube service is necessary.

Safe Delivery and Installation

bulletDo you deliver and install safes?
We deliver and install any safe we sell. We can arrange to move any safe for you if you relocate locally as well.

Safe Removal and Disposal

bulletWe have an old safe that we don't use. Do you remove safes and can you discard them?
We can remove most any safe from your home or business. We usually try if possible to dispose of in a recycling manner.

High Security Safes

bulletI want a high security safe for my home and business. Do you sell these?
We can acquire any type of safe. Our core sales are for burglar/fire safes. However, we can sell any type of high security safe depending on your needs from homeowners to high end jewelry stores.

We provide safe sales and service to the towns of Stratford and Milford CT.

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